family project 29/30

Pat is away again. I didn't make the time wasn't able to photograph my boys last week and am not sure when I will be able to this week! Yikes! I still took some photographs though so I thought I would share. I have been solo parenting for a week now and it has been tough. I don't know how single parents do it. I mean, Pat works a ton but he is still able to play with Henson every morning so I can have a moment to myself.

We have been staying busy though. We met up with my sister, nephew and mom for an overnight AND we visited a museum with Pat's parents. We have been going on quite a few adventures and this mama is worn out!

Hens is crawling all over the place and pulling himself up to stand. It is a little bit stressful because he is into everything. Pat should be home tomorrow and I am not sure if he will recognize this baby! He has changed so much in a week!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these final days in July. Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.


family project 28

The days have been so rainy but today is (finally) beautiful and I am over the moon with some amazingly good news. Stay tuned because I plan to share soon. Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.

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