11 months of little things

To our little doodle,

This post is late. Seventeen days late to be exact. Yikes! Where is the time going? With the change in the seasons and starting my new job, time is getting away from me. Whenever we are together we just play and play...okay, occasionally I sneak in a few smooches but you don't really like them right now.

You really enjoy:

sliced turkey
watching boats in the river
toy cars and making the "vrrrrooooommm" sound
naps on the couch
going on adventures with Janie
high fives
climbing stairs
singing "la, la, la"

You dislike:

sleeping alone
rainy days when we have to stay indoors

Things to look forward to:

Your first birthday!
picking apples and pumpkins
warm cider
pancakes with cinnamon

You are the best of the best. Thanks for being so loving. I love you Henson with all of my heart. 

If we all take a minute, it is easy to remember why we are all here. 

Love, Your Mama. 


10 months of little things

To our baby doodle,

As we get closer to your first birthday, I have started building a scrapbook for you. Every hour that I spend with all those photographs is daunting. It seems like you were born yesterday and also a thousand years ago.

You have grown into such a little personality! You are full of loud squeals, big smiles and a pout that makes my stomach ache. As we get ready for a shift in our routine, I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for you. Will you be confused? Will you be sad? Maybe you won't miss your mama and will love every minute you spend with your dad or new nanny.

Henson, just so you know, I have enjoyed every single minute of our time together. I can't believe how lucky I am to have watched you grow these last ten (almost eleven) months. I won't lie, it hasn't been easy and you have tested my abilities in a million ways but I have learned so much about myself. I have learned so much about my patience, ability to cope and the insane amount of love I have in my heart. You went from a blobby newborn into this little person with preferences and characteristics.

You really enjoy:

all kinds of melon
the garden hose
climbing in Cookie's bed
standing up
flipping through books
crawling, crawling, crawling
playing outside

You dislike: 

getting your diaper changed

Things to look forward to:

eating fall foods like soup and squash
the harvest
sleeping through the night?

I can't believe it is the middle of August. Time flies when you are having fun. It also flies when you have a perfect baby that wants to play all the time. We certainly had a great summer. 

If we all take a minute it is easy to remember why we are all here. 

We love you. Love, your Mama.


family project 32

Pat trying to fix the vacuum with a curious baby in tow. Henson got a hold of the new belt and was really happy to chew on it. Good thing the package came with two.

This week I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps and haven't been using my camera or my computer. Maybe it is the change in the seasons, maybe it is weaning Henson, maybe it is because I begin work in little over a week. I think I need to spend some time with my camera or by myself? Who knows but things seem to be spinning very quickly. Do you ever panic when summer ends? Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.
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