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The days have been so rainy but today is (finally) beautiful and I am over the moon with some amazingly good news. Stay tuned because I plan to share soon. Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.


9 months of little things

To our little doodle,

We are having quite the summer. You are crawling, teething, eating solids, waving, shaking your head "no" and exploring every corner of the house. You can clap your hands and stand in your crib. Your excitement for the whole world is keeping you up at night and I must say, that no one is sleeping around here.

The days are filled with sunshine and you love being a part of every chore that your dad and I do. We went to a quilt show and you were so incredibly good! All these ladies we pinching your little legs and you didn't seem to mind. You love balls, your toy piano, and getting into the dog's water. Poor Cookie, we keep moving her water dish because no matter how many times we tell you that it is "yucky", you want to play in it. Last week we went to the playground for the first time and you loved the swing!

You are starting to recognize common words. When we read books about fish, you make the fish noise. It is so awesome! Yesterday, you realized you could grab your feet and clap them together! It seems like everyday you learn something new and it is so delightful to watch.

You really love:

honeydew melon
picking clover
the rattle of ice in a cup

You dislike:


Things to look forward to:

a visit from Grandma Mindy
the sandbox
blackberry season
the baby water park
spending more time with your cousin and aunt

You rarely cry, except at night and I really believe it is separation anxiety. You are such a good baby and I can't believe how easy going you are. I'm sorry sleeping isn't working out but hopefully in time that will change. If we all just take a minute it is easy to remember why we are all here. 
Mama and Dada love you.

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