family project 16

I missed a week. Ugh!! I was doing so well too! I took some photographs but somehow missed photographing my boys together. Sigh. I have to keep going though. Yesterday I was able to document the boys playing "catch"and it was so cute! Notice Henson's baby bald spot? It is slowly fading and his hair is coming in. Too cute.

Today, we are headed out for an adventure to celebrate our anniversary. Should be an amazing day. Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.


hoppin' down the bunny trail

Happy Easter!! Easter is definitely my favorite holiday complete with all the pastel colors, tulips and chocolate . Plus, Pat and I were married during Easter weekend so I always get very nostalgic. The sun is shining and we are preparing a lovely brunch.  It is going to be low key and perfect. Hope everyone has a great holiday. Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.


smoothies are the best

Hello everyone!! Last week I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Although it wasn't as bad as I expected, it was nice to sleep, watch a little Mad Men and drink smoothies. So. Many. Smoothies. YUM!!! It is so fun to put a bunch of things in the blender and see what happens. Here are some of my favorite concoctions:

Vitamin C Blast: ice, cantaloupe, pineapple, orange juice, honey on top

Dessert First Smoothie: ice, strawberries, almond milk, a dollop of chocolate pudding...because dental surgery calls for chocolate pudding!!

Simply Delicious: ice, banana, almond milk, peanut butter

Paradise Smoothie: ice, pineapple, banana, cranberry juice...it was so good!! Like something you would eat on an island vacation.

I don't drink cow's milk but you could totally use it instead of the almond milk. You could also use agave syrup or honey to sweeten. So many possibilities!! What smoothie combinations do you love?? I want to perfect a smoothie using spinach and/or carrots next. I would love any suggestions. Thanks for looking. Love, Ms. Kate.